On Hiatus (again)

On Hiatus (again)

Forgot to mention this a month ago, but the blog is currently on hiatus because I’m writing a new novel. I’ll resume posting stories and new Madrigal chapters next month. Survival Game will likely be rebooted next year.



Fun Curse

Rattling away on the creaky keyboard, my attempt to finish entering this morning’s client details was interrupted by the looming stench of a greasy neckbeard who’d forgotten to shower three days in a row. I pinched my nose in contempt and waited for the man to pass my work station before I could breathe again.

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A Note about Survival Game

Survival Game, the serial novel I started late last year, is being put on hiatus and all current chapters have been removed from the site.

I realized recently when I attempted to finish Chapter 13 that I had made a huge mistake when I started the story. First Person Present tense is simply not suitable for the kind of fast-paced action story with multiple POVs that Survival Game is.

So I will be rewriting Survival Game from scratch, in 3rd person past, and hopefully will have fresh new chapters posted sometime next month. In the meantime I will be posting more Madrigal, Teen Detective chapters and other short stories.